Donor Relationship Counsel

General Donors

We help you understand the relationship between your ministry and its donors – the impact of the relationships and the opportunities for effective ministry, messaging, and fundraising.

Monthly Partnerships

Using multiple messaging channels, we help ministries recruit and develop ongoing relationships with donors who are willing to make recurring monthly donations via automatic giving or mail.

Mid-Level Donors

How does your ministry retain and build consistent donor relationships? We work alongside your ministry team to identify the donors with a significant commitment to your ministry, developing those relationships through effective communication.

Major Donors

We train and assist ministry teams to understand donor values; to discover the points where major donors’ passions intersect with the ministry’s mission; to engage in face-to-face interaction with major donors; and to maintain multi-channel communications with them, crafting proposals for funding and reporting results effectively.

Estate Planning

Estate planning, the process of anticipating and arranging for the effective transfer of assets within an estate, should have a foundation of stewardship and a godly focus on legacy. We help ministries educate and motivate donors to seize opportunities for a legacy of impact through wise planning, which can extend giving into the future and often minimize tax liability, while providing for family members according to biblical values.

Capital Campaign Development

We serve alongside ministries by providing research, feasibility studies, strategic plans, and help with executing capital campaigns.  The goal:  extending and broadening opportunities for more effective accomplishment of the mission.

Foundation Research and Proposals

Foundations can be a significant additional source of resources for extending a ministry’s effectiveness. We serve ministries by researching, planning, and preparing proposals for foundations designed to direct potential funding resources into the ministry’s God-given mission.

Impact Reporting

Donors need to understand the ministry impact of their prayers and the giving of hard-earned resources. We help ministries deliver meaningful statistics, report outcomes, and communicate the short- and long-term impacts of  the ministry, to give donors joy and satisfaction, and deepen their relationship with the ministry.


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