Think like a Donor…

Think like a Donor


Why do so many donors decline to give to your ministry in any given month? Perhaps your requests for help seem compelling to you — but are uninteresting to the donor. The deadliest words ever spoken in a ministry marketing meeting are: “Here’s something really interesting!”

Those of us who live in the rarefied atmosphere of ministry marketing, locked in a world of ministry employees, with nary a “civilian” to be found, come to be fascinated by our own ministry programs — but wrongly think of them as fascinating to donors.

We are fascinated, not fascinating. Our donors have different needs, motives, and priorities than we do.

When you take a long, hard look at how many donors don’t respond to your requests for financial support, you may be forced to come to terms with the fact that you haven’t made the difficult leap to thinking like a donor as you construct your appeals for support. Perhaps you don’t have a handle on your donors’ real needs, motives, and priorities.


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