The Community-of-Specialists Model…

The Community-of-Specialists Model

As important as the ideas of “community” and “unity” are to a ministry, equally important is the fact that each member of the ‘body’ or ministry, has a specialty.

Everyone is united, but each devotes himself to his own calling — for maximum efficiency and ministry productivity.

The truth is this: When one member of the body tries to do another’s job, disaster’s ahead. When a ministry worker at any level gets into an operation where he has no business, feelings can easily get hurt — and the ministry itself gets hurt.

Failure to work by the community-of-specialists model dooms your organization to inefficiency. Employees duplicate each other’s efforts. Some do what could be done — should be done — faster or better by others. Overworked workers don’t get the essentials accomplished, or miss deadlines. Costs go up. Net return goes down. And the pressure inevitably goes up on your marketing effort.

Don’t allow ‘masochism’ to destroy your ministry from the inside out!



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