The calling of God…

The calling of God


It is important that a field representative feel a sense of ‘the calling of God’ into major donor ministry.

If a rep feels led by God into this work, the mission of the organization will tend to stay in sharper focus for him. If a ministry’s representative, for example, believes that God has called him there ‘to help students grow into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ’ (that organization’s mission statement), he will do everything — build relationships, work hard, etc., etc. — with a strong level of commitment and a rather slim chance of being sidetracked.

When face to face with a donor, you have to be able to trust your mission. You have to know it, understand it, and believe it. You have to be committed to it heart and soul. Your heart has to beat with the pulse of that mission.

Then, every interaction with that donor, every conversation — all the way from chit-chat about casual everyday goings-on to the ‘moment of truth’ when you’re asking for a donation — will flow naturally out of, and back to, that mission. If the rep isn’t sold on it, the donor is unlikely to buy into it.


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