Tell the Truth…

Tell the Truth


To hold on to your donors, you must treat them like friends. How can you do this? For one thing, tell the truth! Truthfulness has a marvelous way of smoothing otherwise troubled waters.

For example: if you have to lean hard on your donors, acknowledge that you’re leaning hard: “I know I’ve asked you to help me with this just as recently as three weeks ago, but…” This is truthful. It acknowledges that you have a need, but it acknowledges how the donor might feel about being asked.

It is deadly to over-apologize — but essential to acknowledge an unusual situation. You realize that donors are friends, not matchsticks to be struck, used, and tossed smoking into the ashtray. Think about how they’ll feel when they read your letter — then accommodate those feelings as you talk to them.

Jesus did not restrict His truth-telling to the fun stuff. He expressed the hard truth along with the easy. So should we.


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