Pray, pray, pray!…

Pray, pray, pray!


Your ministries should be born in prayer and nurtured in prayer! Your marketing strategies should spring from your time with God and be steered by Him through prayer.

Furthermore, praying for your donors should be almost automatic, a “natural” outgrowth of who you are and what your ministry is.

When all the workers in a ministry are praying for the ministry (and for each other, and for the donors), the Spirit of God has the chance to speak the same message to everyone, uniting the team and unifying the effort.

Prayer, then, is the surest antidote for ministry schizophrenia (where ministry is held separately from marketing), for it allows a single Master to pull together all the specialists.

Make prayer a habit, an earmark of your life and ministry. Move it up on your priority list. Pray for direction, not just confirmation. See what God says about your ministry. He may surprise you.


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