Kingdom Enterprise…

Kingdom Enterprise


When people use their skills and gifts to make dollars for Christ’s Kingdom rather than for themselves, they’re engaged in what we’ve come to call “Kingdom Enterprise.” They’re using their God-giftedness with a new goal in mind.

Over and over again, we find high-capacity people, with special God-given talents, deciding that money-making simply isn’t worth it.

Yet they have the ability to make money — in fact, the ability to make money far in excess of their own practical needs — so they keep at it, and drive revenue into ministry.

Instead of retiring with a head full of knowledge and experience, networks of contacts, and other valuable assets, they begin stewarding those gifts and assets for God’s glory.

And when your goal is to change the world — save lives — lead lost children, youth, and adults to Christ — your satisfaction level is so high that you find yourself working with renewed vigor.


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