Keep saying it…

Keep saying it


The practical reality of parachurch fundraising is that various ministries essentially “compete” with each other for a “share of the wallet.”

Donors shift their giving, some deliberately, some unconsciously. Some are loyal, but many are, effectively, comparison shoppers. A ministry must appeal to both groups.

The value of a donor’s gift to the organization — the results achieved, the impact made — must be the consistent focus of the ministry’s communications to the donor. \

True-life stories of people whose lives have been touched and changed by God through the work of the ministry will serve as perhaps the most powerful evidence of the ministry’s effectiveness and the donor’s contributions to it.

What donors are saying…

“It is like watching a kid growing up…. To see something actually working — so it is worthwhile what you have done. It is a pride of ownership, partly. It is something that I contribute to … something that I took a part in. It was part of me that I contributed to them … and they have gone out and been able to touch those people — or do those things that I was interested in and not capable of doing directly myself — in a manner where they can touch people more than I can.”


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