How long has it been?…

How long has it been?


The donor’s rate of recall is extremely low.

Those of us in ministry are thinking about donors all the time; donors are rarely thinking about us!

Without prompting from the interviewer, only 6% of the donors we surveyed could come up with the name of the ministry that had supplied their name for the research project!

Furthermore, without a reminder, fewer than 13% of the donors could produce the names of the two largest ministries in America.

These were not results isolated among lapsed donors; they reflect active donors as well!

What donors are saying…

 “…The truth is, I think about them primarily when I hear from them, typically a few times a month by mail. And they are one of the few organizations whose stuff I always read.”

Quick-Stat: Fewer than 13% of donors can name America’s two largest ministries.

In separate studies of child-sponsorship ministries, as many as 20% of long-term sponsors had difficulty remembering the name of the organization through which they sponsored their child!

Incredibly, these donors typically recall giving to as many as nine organizations every year — so they are highly involved in ministry and apparently quite committed. Yet they demonstrated a surprisingly low “awareness” level.

Quick-Stat: 20% of long-term child sponsors can’t remember the name of the sponsorship organization.


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