Find Out What Your Donors Are Thinking…

Find Out What Your Donors Are Thinking


Solicit feedback from your donors. How is the organization changing their lives? What kind of impact is the ministry making? How can you make more of a contribution to their spiritual growth?

Ironically, the ministries that end up being “complaint-driven” — overreacting to a small number of complaints and changing direction accordingly — are often the same ministries which fail to solicit feedback from donors.

They have no apparatus for donors to communicate with them as “members of the team”; yet when criticism somehow makes its way to them, they respond to it as if it were an edict from on high.

Far better to create some kind of regular device for donor feedback, which has the effect of bringing a broader and more representative cross-section of opinion to the surface — so the criticisms can be received in the context of the compliments!


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