Don’t “Divide and Conquer”…

Don’t “Divide and Conquer”


Does your ministry suffer from the Divided and Conquered Syndrome?

When a Christian organization sees its ministry and its marketing as separate things, that schizophrenia often grows into (or out of) an even more fractured environment.

A ministry can become a virtual war zone, with board members maneuvering for position and power … or the leader and executive staff regarding each other as adversaries … or the staff holding the leadership up to secret scorn … or the development agency and employees viewing each other as morons.

Fractious staffs are tragically commonplace in Christian organizations. In these ministries, not only have marketing and ministry come to be regarded as separate things, but each function of the ministry — each department, each office — has evolved into a miniature “state” all its own.

In such Balkanized organizations, frustration runs high, efficiency runs low, and both the quantity and the quality of the ministry itself suffer grievously.


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