Designing a “Donor-Edible” Message…

Designing a “Donor-Edible” Message

It’s easy to confuse the concept of the message with the concept of the mission statement — or even an operational blueprint.

“The Message” of the ministry can’t be a multi-page document detailing everything the ministry does. “The Message” of the ministry also can’t be a paragraph so long and involved and confusing that it can only be interpreted by a veteran staff member.

Your message must be donor-edible.

If I can gobble up your message — if I can see it, want it, reach out and grab it, pop it, chew it up and swallow it, all within about eight seconds of reading time — then I may want to eat some more of what you’re cooking. You’ve offered me a donor-edible message, and I am grateful!

But if I have to study your message — if it makes me furrow my brow, like a five-year-old contemplating fried mushrooms — if I have to ponder it, figure it out, sniff it warily, cut it with a knife and fork, or otherwise process it … well, then, I may as well have cooked for myself — and I am very, very unlikely to want more of whatever this stuff was that you offered me.


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