A winning formula…

A winning formula


Those involved in your ministry’s major donor program must remember the ministry’s mission — even as they never forget to raise money for your ministry. Here’s an example.

Chris Cole, 26 years old, had no fundraising background, but she had a passion for the ministry. She was trained as a field rep and began making calls and visits on her own. Within six months, she was raising 40% more than her wage.

Because she was the ministry’s first field rep, there was no significant pool of donors. She had no choice but to make a lot of ‘cold calls,’ contacting prospects out of the blue and asking for the opportunity to get together and talk about the ministry.

She was warned that she would get a lot of no’s before she would ever get a yes — statistically, it was likely that she would be rejected eight times for every one acceptance. Half an hour into her first day at work, she called down the hall: ‘I’m halfway to a yes!’ She had been turned down four times. But she was persistent. She was engaging.

When she got into a relationship with someone, she never forgot the mission — the mission of the organization she was representing, which filled her with joy and energy, and her specific mission as a field representative of that organization: to raise money for the achievement of the organization’s ministry goals. Chris Cole is the kind of field rep you need to build your major donor ministry.


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